Building A Solid Daily Routine

December 11, 2020

It’s not about perfection or basing my worth on productivity.⁣

For me, it’s about doing what I need to do each day to reach my goals down the road. It’s about doing the things that I don’t necessarily want to, but I know its good for my mind, body and spirit. It’s about consuming what others are doing LESS, and doing what’s good for me MORE. 🤪⁣⁣ 

I don’t always follow a perfect daily routine where I get all the things on my todo list done.⁣⁣ Some days I procrastinate, feel lazy and tired. And I let myself have those days guilt free because we all need days like those to recharge.⁣⁣

But I do try to have a productive M-F so that I can enjoy a weekend with my mom ❤️⁣⁣

Running my own business means there is no M-F, 9 to 5. It’s 24/7. But for my sanity, I try to be as productive as possible as if it is a 9-5. ⁣⁣

Here’s what my daily list looks like 👇🏽⁣⁣

– Make bed⁣⁣

– Wash face, teeth, get ready for day ⁣⁣

– 10-20 minute slow yoga flow and/or meditate⁣⁣

– Drink water, Coffee/tea, eat breakfast⁣⁣

– Go for walk with Chip⁣⁣

– Program Mucha workouts⁣⁣

– Work on future Mucha projects⁣⁣

– Eat lunch⁣⁣

– Workout ⁣⁣

– Film for Mucha⁣ + edit⁣

– Stretch 5-10 minutes⁣⁣

– Shower⁣⁣

– Dinner⁣⁣

– Study/program workouts more⁣⁣

– Read⁣⁣

– Watch Netflix ⁣⁣

– Sleep before 11⁣⁣

Does that look like a lot?

That’s because it is. That’s not even including chats with ma, catching up with friends, errands, and Instagram scrollin 😜⁣⁣

This is why I don’t beat myself up if things happen out of order or don’t happen at all.⁣⁣

It’s important to create a routine and build an environment around you that supports your goals and routine. ⁣⁣

But it’s even more important to be gracious with yourself and remember why you built the routine in the first place. ⁣⁣

TO KEEP YOU SANE! To keep you more productive with LESS stress!!⁣⁣

How did I build this routine?? ⁣⁣

My routine changes regularly. Start with building a very simple and short one with the bare necessities. Then as each day passes, you’ll figure out the timing of things and what you can add in and where! Maybe even add in mini goals like “10 minutes of core exercise daily” “5 minutes of reading daily” “spend 1 hour a day working on my business/hobby”.⁣⁣

Now – It’s important to remember that you can only learn so much from people on the internet like me. You have to just starting DOING and figure out what works best for you through trial and error and TIME.⁣

I care about you and I hope this helps. 🧡 ⁣⁣

⁣⁣You are doing great. Take a few deeps breaths. ⁣⁣

Xo, MB⁣

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